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Owner Vantz Stockwell starts Elite PC. Elite PC is a break fix shop initially located in Lancaster, SC.

Vantz moves Elite PC to Gastonia, NC as it's premier break fix support provider.

Elite PC begins doing sub-contractor work for other companies including Lowe's Home Improvement and Bank of America.

Vantz started Carolinas Cloud with co-founders Larry Dellinger, Mike Dunn, and Roy Williams. At the end of 2018 Vantz stepped away from Carolinas Cloud to focus on enKompass Cloud Solutions.

enKompass Cloud Solutions launch with their first customer, a small 15 person office in Charlotte.


Reduce IT Costs, Work from Anywhere, and Eliminate Security Challenges with Cloud Hosting from enKompass Cloud Solutions.

Are you ready to eliminate your hardware and software issues and make it easier for your employees to work remotely without compromising your network security?

With a Cloud based system, your employees can log onto their computers as normal, except that they are entering a system that is 100% maintained by enKompass and customized to your business needs. This means that they won’t need to deal with viruses or computer errors and that their software and programs will load faster and run better.
What’s even better about Cloud Computing is that it enables you to access exactly the same information anywhere and on any device that has access to the internet. enKompass offers Cloud Hosting for a fixed monthly fee that includes data storage and backup, help desk, IT management, server and software management. Save money on those inevitable and costly hardware updates - our state-of-the-art data centers are always kept up to date.

Our average cost per user is just $4.00 per day! 
enKompass requires NO software to purchase or install and is easily scalable.
What you get with a cloud-hosted office: 
An IT Infrastructure on par with Fortune 500 companies- without the IT department. 
Flexibility for you and your employees. A secure, high-performance virtual office created for each of your employees with access to all the data and apps they need from any device, anywhere.
A fully managed, data center with automated backup and recovery. 
24/7 data center monitoring and security. 
Predictable and manageable monthly costs that typically end up being much less than the cost to build and maintain a traditional system.  

About enKompass

Specializing in Microsoft 365 as a CSP Partner with Microsoft and Hosted Remote Desktop Services, allowing your employees access Anytime, Anywhere!

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Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: 877-250-5378

Email: support@enkompass.cloud

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